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Entry & Exit - Your Birth & Death Horoscope med Derek Seagrief
Søndag, 12. November 2017, 10:00 - 17:00
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Foto 1 Derek Seagrief

Death is the real Trickster because what seems like the end is really the beginning. What actually dies? From the Soul’s perspective – Birth is Death and Death is Birth. Death on the physical plane means entry into the planetary & Star dimensions. Our education continues with a change of address. In recent years there is a slow recovery of the wisdom of our ancestors concerning Life & Death – for they developed maps of the Soul’s Journey. In-between lives we enter the Bardo States, which the ancient world recognized as a journey through the various planetary spheres. On the weekend we shall be exploring this teaching and go through the actual sequence of events at death. All the major experiences in our life is engineered by the Soul, and the two most significant events we all experience as human beings is our entry and our exit from the stage of life. We are computered-in at birth with a set of instructions and computered-out at death with our final School Report. The death horoscope is of unique value in understanding our Soul-Personality evolution. It is from this Death chart that the seeds of the next lifetime will be established, and thus the new birth horoscope. Our modern materialistic societies continue to see Death as the Great Enemy of Life, and this collective self-denial has resulted in seeing both Birth & Death as pure physical events, devoid of any spiritual significance or Adventure. You can expect the following from this powerful workshop – and much more - A healing workshop as we face our collective fear & self-denial about the subject of Death. - As Astrologer you are ultimately helping people to live more fully, with less fear and greater authenticity – and to die well, through a “Conscious Exit”. - How to prepare for your navigation through the inevitable Bardo States - See what is a Uranus, Neptune, Pluto or Saturn way of dying. Why the planets Venus & Jupiter are often active at the time of death?. - Dante Alighieri’s Divine Comedy was written in 3 parts – a journey through purgatory, hell & heaven. The idea for his work came from the Celtic stories of the voyage to the Otherworld, and we shall explore the value of these different presentations to our modern traveller. - Your end result is the experience of empowerment, the removal of uncertainty about what happens after death, and a renewed sense of livingness to get the most out of your incarnation –now! Pris: kr. 1.100/1.200 medlemmer/gæster. I denne pris indgår et let traktement formiddag og eftermiddag. Man sørger selv for frokosten. Tilmelding: Sys Jørgensen, e-mail: Denne e-mail adresse bliver beskyttet mod spambots. Du skal have JavaScript aktiveret for at vise den. eller tlf. 20 64 24 98. Depositum ved tilmelding: kr. 300/400. Restbeløb: kr. 800/800 betales senest 10 dage før kursets start. Bemærk: Din plads på holdet er først reserveret, når depositum er modtaget. Depositum tilbagebetales ikke ved framelding senere end 10 dage før kursets start. Indbetaling: reg. nr. 6493 kontonr. 201 5304. Husk reference DS + dit navn